Baby Steps In C Programming

C is one of most used Programming language till date. It is one of the most powerful language and mother of many modern Programming language (eg. Python , Ruby)


🍭 C is a compiled language, unlike Python or Ruby , C programs must be translated from human readable code to machine readable code.

The program which translates human readable C code to machine readable code is called a compiler

You’ll be Astonished to know that the most Compilers of C (eg. GCC) is also written in C

You’ll find people who says , C is so hard but i say nothing is hard it just needs a good teacher to explain everything.

So without further talking let’s take our first step in the world of C Programming.

Setting Up Workspace

As i mentioned earlier C is a compiled language so you need a compiler such as GCC to compile C programs.

Today we’ll be using Repl.it to compile and Run C programs online.

If You want to run and compile C Programs in Your local device Read This Article

To Run and Compile C programs online without installing anything , Use REPL.it

When Opening Repl.it you’ll see a sample program is already written in the left pan. Clear it first.

Writing Traditional Hello World

As I mentioned earlier Hello World is traditional program which every programmer Writes at first when learning new language. Which just prints Hello World text in a console window

Hello World program in C is a bit longer than Python or Ruby.

Let’s Write


int main()
    printf("Hello World\n");
    return 0;

Write the above code in the left pane of repl.it or if using Local device , write the above script in a file called hello.c and execute the command in terminal

gcc -o hello hello.c

If you’re in repl.it click the **Run ** button and if on local device execute this command

./hello if on a linux or Mac Device Or hello on MS Windows Device

If everything is fine, you’ll see a Hello World text in console/terminal


If there’s any problem, feel free to let me know in the comments bellow 👇

Otherwise Let’s Go To The Next Chapter

Understanding The Hello World Program

Writing code without understanding it is really useless. Copying-Pasting will not work forever. So, Let’s Try to Understand The Above Code.

Let’s Try To Understand From First Line


It includes instructions for C compiler and the definition of printf , this is like a dictionary for a C Compilers, from this Compilers know what to do with printf

Let’s Step in the next line, We’ll find this,

int main()

int is the acronym of integer

here main() is a function , everything inside a function is taken as a instructions , from this our program knows what to do. There may be other functions , but main() is a special function , in every program this function is executed first.

And this () parentheses help Compilers identify that it is a function.

Functions are like a jar which contains some special instructions of what to do.

In the next line we’ll find { a curly brace , it denotes the begining of a function , it’s like a the lid of a jar.

In the next line we’ll find

printf("Hello World");

printf is a also like a function but pre-defined , things inside its quotation marks will be written in. Console window when we’ll run our program.

Parentheses () denotes the begining and ending of the printf function

We see a Text , Hello World\n inside quotation marks this is the text which will be written in console window and at the end there’s a \n which tells our program to start a new line and put the cursor in the new line.

Try changing the text and running it

Actually it’s not necessary but it is necessary when working with a program which needs to print two or more lines. But you should keep it as a good practice.

You’ll see a semicolon ; at the end of line, it’s not for style, it’s necessary , it helps compiler to understand that this line is ended now.

in the next line we’ll find

return 0;

which is not actually for us , but for machine it returns 0 to the machine, and that’s how machine understand that the program ran successfully and now ending.

If a program returns a number other than, Computer will think that it has not run successfully. Try Changing it and running it.

And finaly at the end , } ending curly brace denotes that our main function is ended.

So guys that’s for now, if you’ve any questions or find any problems please let me know in the comments bellow 👇

Thank You