Free Open Source Android Launchers You Should Try

If you’re a Android Phone User there’s 99% probability that you’ve heard about Android Launchers , if you haven’t,

Android launchers are apps that can spice up your phone’s home screen or act as a personal assistant. They help you to customize your android phone

Android Launchers are usually used by people who don’t want to be limited by system provided User Interface

Today We’ll Take a Look at two of my favourite Free & Open Source Android Launcher.

Let’s Start…

Lawnchair Launcher

It’s a Open Source Android Launcher, available on Play Store as well as F-Droid.

It’s Customisable , Fast, Lightweight , Easy To Use.

There’s plenty of Customizing Settings available.


My Favourite Feature is Changing Between Dark, Light or Black Mode.

Vist Official Website : https://lawnchair.info

KISS Launcher

It’s also a Awesome, Fast, Customizable , Super Lightweight (app size in KBs)

kiss Launcher

One thing i like most about it is it’s speed and minimalist design.

I’m not telling you to use them , but i recommend you to try them once.

Now It depends on what you wants, whether it might be minimalist design or lightweight design or feature rich style.

You’ll heard people talking about Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, I’m not saying that they are bad, but they are feature rich and they drain too much battery.

So Next Time Choosing Launcher Choose Carefully. 😉