How to Get Your Own Free Domain

In the era of internet everyone wants their online presence , but having an online presence is not so simple as it seems. To have your own website , you should have a domain name otherwise it would be like yourname.blogspot.com or yourname.wordpress.com

Domain names such as .com , .me , .io , .org are not free, they usually have a huge price range which might not be affordable for you. So today I’m going to share some services which provides free domain names.


But always remember in this world everything costs so if you’re getting a free domain you should use it only for testing because free domains have so much disadvantages. I would recommend getting a paid domain from services such as namecheap spending few bucks.

Disclaimer : I do not endorse any websites listed above and I’m not liable for any damages occurred to you by using these services. Use these websites at your discretion.

• .TK .CF .ML .GA .GQ

With freenom you can plenty of free domains such as .tk , .cf , .ml , .ga, .gq without the need of any credit card or financial information.

Just Register at https://freenom.com and search for your preferred domain then buy it for free.

Some people claimed that freenom took their domain and demanded money , I don’t think that’s true because as you can see this blog is even using .tk domain (okay , okay , I used .tk as an experiment that google indexs all sites which got some pretty impressive contents , no matter which domain you’re using)

visit https://freenom.com and get a free domain today

• .DX.AM

Provided with awardspace free web hosting.

It comes with a very useful control panel and much more useful features as well as free web hosting.

To Get a free .dx.am domain visit and register here https://www.awardspace.com/free-web-hosting-registration/

• .CO.NF

With Biz.nf you can get a free .co.nf domain. They also provide free web hosting.

To get a free .co.nf domain visit https://www.biz.nf

• .CO.NR

To Get a Free .co.nr visit http://www.freedomain.pro/

The Service provides URL forwarding, URL masking, Path forwarding for free!

• .COM.NU & 500+

.com.nu is similar to other free services but beside .com.nu you can also choose other selected domains also for free.

To create a .com.nu and other 500+ domain extensions, visit http://www.com.nu

• .IN from Google My Business

Google My Business offers a free .in domain and hosting for free for one year.

But this offer is only for Residents of India

To get a free .in domain for 1 year visit https://www.google.co.in/business/

• .ME.PN & .EU.PN

.me.pn domain extensions is preferred for personal websites and blogs.

To get a free .me.pn or .eu.pn domain visit https://domain.me.pn

• .XYZ

Residents of US and Canada can get a free .xyz domain

To get a free .xyz domain visit https://pop.xyz


To Get a Free .biz.ly domain and web hosting visit http://www.biz.ly/


Though it’s longer than others but it looks kinda cool.

To get a free .com.co.in visit http://www.com.co.in/home.html

• .NL.GL

You Can even register emoji domains with .nl.gl

Want To Get a Free Emoji Domain Read This How Can You Get Your Own Emoji Domain For Free

To Get a Free .nl.go domain visit http://nl.gl/

• .FR.NF

To get a Free .fr.nf domain visit http://www.azote.org/


To get a free .dnsdot.net domain visit http://dnsdot.net/


This service provides 22 extensions to register.

To Get a Free .venez.fr and other 22 domain extensions visit https://venez.fr

If you’re into serious blogging or starting a website for your startup I would recommend to get a .com, .co , .me , .org by spending few bucks.

That’s it for now friends , see you next time. Till then let me know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments below 👇

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