Scientific Explanation Of Gadgets Of Doraemon - From Animation Series

If you’re a 90’s Kid or a Kid From Present you might Know Doraemon, he is a rohot cat from Twentieth Second Century who has arrived in our present time via his Time Machine to help a pre-teen boy named Nobita Nobi , who is not good in studies nor in sports but he is a Kid With Big Heart.

To Help Nobita , Doraemon often uses his 4-Dimensional Pocket to bring some amazing gadgets of future.

Doraemon animation series is based on Japanese manga with same name written by Fujiko F. Fujio. The Manga Series ran from December 15, 1969 to June 23, 1996, which originally contained 1,345 stories.

Without Further Talking Let’s Jump into the explanations

• 4 Dimensional Pocket

Also Known as 4D-Pocket is Doraemon’s default gadget which he uses to store his other gadgets which has unlimited surfaceless space.

My Theory:

There may be some kind of Wormwhole Technology which is equipped there to create a surfaceless space and store things. Future Scientists might have found such technologies which can do such things.

• Small/Big Light

Small Or Big Light is a torch like gadget which is used to increase or decrease the size (not sure about mass) of a thing.

Small Light: Small Light

Big Light: big light

My Theory

The Small/Big Light Torch emits some kind of special ray which increases or decreases the space between atoms to change size of things, though it’s not clarified in animation series if it can increase or decrease mass which might not be possible

• Any-where Door

A big pink door which looks like a normal household door transports the user to whatever location they desire by walking through it. One needs to say where they want to go going, then they can open the door and go through it to reach their destination but in some episodes it magically knows where the user wants to go.

Any-where door from doraemon

My Theory

Future Scientist might have developed such technologies which can manipulate or create wormholes creating a shortcut for long distances.

folded space time

Scientists might have gone further in folded space time model and might have found some interesting information which helped them developing above mentioned technology.

• Bamboo Copter (aka. Take-Copter)

Bamboo Copter also known as Take-Copter , The Hopter (the us dubbed animation) , Bāshēr Helicopter (in Bengali dubbed animation) is mini-helicopter like device worn on head with help of it’s suction cup like thing and let users fly, it can carry almost any weight of person.


My Theory:

As mentioned in anime and manga it is run by battery and lasts upto 8 hours which charges itself when not being used and can carry almost any weight of person. So, we can understand two things from it, firstly, it has a powerful battery and mechanism to self charge itself. Secondly , it has such powerful motors or such technologies which can generate enough thrust to lift person from ground.

All gadgets mentioned above has no mention about battery or any power sources , ao that means they use same battery as it is used in bamboo copters, which can even self charge them. In present time we are seeing such Innovation like used in bamboo copters which are so powerful, that means in future Scientist successfully invented batteries which are powerful enough and also lightweight.

Propellers are small so motors are so strong that they create enough thrust from such small Propellers without being heavy weight. We have not yet developed such technologies but hopefully in future we’ll succeed.


Images of Gadgets : https://doraemon.wikia.com

Folded Space Time Model : space.com

Hopefully You Liked My Article, New Part Featuring More Gadgets will come soon. If you find anything wrong in my theories, or anything else, please let me know in the comments below 👇 Thank You.