Simple Introduction To Python Programming

Python is a programming language that is Easy to learn , has Clear Syntax. I recommend every newcomer to learn Python first because,

  • Easy to learn
  • Used by Major Tech Giants
  • Used in from Simple Desktop to NASA research centre.
  • Salary of Python Programmers is very high

Let’s Learn Something without further talking,

Let’s start with Traditional Hello World

Hello World is a traditional program that every programmer Writes at very first time when learning a new Programming Language, in python it’s very simple:

print("Hello World")

In This Current Moment you might be wondering how can you write python programs yourself?

Actually There’re two ways to do it

  1. Online, in a online interpreter
  2. Offline, in your local computer

1. Write and Run Python Programs Online

There’re plenty of ways to write and run Python Programs online , but my recommendation is repl.it

Step 1 : goto https://repl.it/languages/python3

Step 2 : On the left side write python programs (eg. Hello World program above) , and click “Run >”

Step 3 : Now On The console at right side you’ll see output Hello World

You can also Signup there to save your programs for later use.

2. Write and Run Python Programs On Your Local Computer

Step 1 : Download Python for you Windows or Mac Computer from https://www.python.org/downloads/ (Choose Python Version 3.6 or above)

Step 2 : install and Read The Guide which explains how to install and use Python https://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/

After You Run The Hello World Program, Welcome To The World Of Programming.

❤ You’re now a Python Programmer 😎

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