If You're A Space Lover You'll Like These Games

Space is full of Mystery , when we look at the night we see millions of stars. I know many of you want to visit space but that’s upon your dedication and a little of fate. But in meanwhile we can enjoy the space with these games.

Humans are born curious, we want to see things with our own eye, touch with our own hands , hear with our own ears. Space is a place where humans couldn’t dominate by now so many of us do fascinate about space, stars , planets… But visiting space isn’t a child’s play, it requires so much money , time and even skills.

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But I found a way to quench your thirst of space adventure, some awesome people have developed some games which can give us a little pleasure of space adventure (It’s better to have something rather than having nothing 😉). If you have an Android device , you can enjoy all the games for free and have a little space adventure (kind of).

So without further talking let’s start…

• Spaceflight Simulator

It’s a game about adventure and crafting. You can build your own rockets and explore the space.

Anything you see there can be visited , there are no limits , if you want you can even land on sun!

With this , you get your own pocket universe , just build and let fly!

Here See My Messy Gameplay (Ah! I’m not an Expert)

I like this fame so much and recommend you to try it once, you’ll surely like it.

Download Spaceflight Simulator From Play Store

• Space Frontier & Space Frontier 2

Usually I don’t spend too much time on playing games, but these two games specially Space Frontier is just awesome that I can’t even resist not to play too much.

When Playing this game, my reaction is kinda like , “Yeah, I’m Elon Musk, Ha Ha , I’m colonizing Mars, Ha Ha , Look At Me “ 😂😂

I personally like Space Frontier more than More than Space Frontier 2

I found this game to help my coordination between eyes and fingers to synchronise properly, I’ll recommend Everyone to try this game once

Download Space Frontier From Play Store

Download Space Frontier 2 From Play Store

• Space Agency

This is a free and easy to run your own Virtual space program. You can build rockets, launch them, build space station , launch satellites and also explore the solar system.

Though it Might be complex and challenging for some but still it’s very enjoyable game.

I played this game for few weeks and really liked it. You should give it a try.

Download Space Agency From Play Store

So Guys here are some games related to space adventure, I hope you’ll like them if you try them.

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That’s it for now friends , see you next time. Till then let me know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments below 👇

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