We Are Making Science Difficult For Young People

Science , You’ve heard the word many times. Nowadays in developing countries like India, Science is one of key things to run a country.

weird science

Science is one of the most common thing in our life that we encounter everyday, from Bedroom to Drawing Room , Bathroom to Kitchen, Office , College… Simply Everywhere.

But the sad truth is , Many Students Are Afraid of Studying Science, they say Science is Hard , Science is only for Meritorious Students , I’m not capable of Science and so on..


Science is not hard , it depends on how you’re taught. Science is easy , it just needs a great teacher to show you the enjoying path of learning Science.

Just Think , How Can a Thing Which We Use Daily cannot be learnt by YOU.

So my fellow readers, there’s a saying,

A Good Student is Also a Good Teacher

So , if you’re from Science Stream, Show Others the fun way to learn Science, Because Fate of Humanity is in your hand now…😊