What I Learnt After Being Disconnected For 10 Days

I was that kind of guy who uses lots of internet (Actually Too Much..) but unfortunately my phone’s charging port got damaged so I had no way left other than sending it to Service Center. The guy there told me it’s gonna take a while.

I knew for these days I’ll not be able to use internet so I’ll not able to upload any articles.

Actually I use internet on my pc via USB Tethering from my phone , so there was no chance of uploading new contents.

I learnt few things these days.

I was disconnected, left with a old keypad phone. Actually it helped to get rid of overuse of internet and concentrate more on my studies. I started visiting nearby places more often. I started hanging out with my friends with phone calls rather than texting.

I usually spend most of time building. But as the internet was gone i was creating designs of my inventions by hand with pen and pencil.

As my resources was limited , I was kinda lost for first few days but then after things got better.

Inventor Palash Bauri returned, I built some new gadgets. I read more books.

Something inside me was changed. My Inventor self was on front again.

I think , Everybody who uses internet a lot should take a break and enjoy the surroundings. Just Try it once!😉