Why I Left Wordpress And Blogger

Sharing My Knowledge with people gives me peace. When using WordPress or Blogger it was lot easy to blog than on Jekyll. But I left WordPress and Blogger.

WordPress is a powerful and robust platform, but being a student, i don’t have lots of money to spend on internet to get a personalized experience on WordPress, i was using WordPress.com free plan and  it was putting ads on my blog. So I left WordPress.

Blogger is a also a powerful and easy to use blogging platform but I didn’t liked its themes, they were like 90’s themes. So I left Blogger too.

I wanted to use Ghost but i didn’t find any free solution to use Ghost blogging platform so Jekyll came to my mind and Thanks to Jasper2 Jekyll Theme which gave my blog a ghost like look.

And MrHyde open source jekyll android client is became very helpful to me.