You Are Also A Hacker But Not A Criminal

Hacking, the word is floating around in air from last few years. In last few years , illegal hacking is in rise. But You’ve to understand Hacking is not always Illegal or Hackers are not always Criminals. You and I also are Hackers.

Hacker Face

Most of people in developing countries like India thinks Hacking is Always Illegal and Hackers Are always Criminals, in my personal experience I got many requests from my friends and family members to hack someone’s Facebook Account, Someone’s Instagram account and so on. I became tired telling the difference between an Ethical Hacker/White Hat Hacker and a Black Hat Hacker.

When I tell people I’m an Ethical Hacker, they say “What’s The Difference , Hackers are Always Bad Guys”

Let’s Play A Simple Game

Let’s make a paper airplane and I’ll tell you how you’re also a hacker (but not a bad hacker).

Make a Paper Airplane

Follow The Following Instructions To Build a Paper Airplane, I hope it will only take less than two minutes to complete.



Is The Airplane Complete? Now What Let It Fly. . .

Let Me Tell You What You Just Did. . .

You Might Not Believe Me , But You just Hacked

Wow! That’s Weird I know , but you’ve to believe me , you just Hacked.

Mind Blown

Let’s Look Into The Definition of Hacking,

Computer Hacker : A computer hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem. While “hacker” can refer to any skilled computer programmer

In my words, A Hacker is a person who studies a system , understand how it works and modify it to work such works that it was not meant for.

So, How You Are a Hacker?

When you built the above mentioned paper airplane, you also became a hacker.

Because, the paper/newspaper you used to build the airplane was not meant to be used as a paper airplane it was created with a purpose of writing & reading but you Hacked it.

So Now , You’ve Became a Hacker but not a Criminal.

In our daily life we often do such things which makes us hacker but we’ve to understand every hacker is not criminal.

If all Hackers were criminal , you would be in jail now because You Are Also a Hacker

Thank You For Now, Share It With Your Friends and Let Them Know Who They are.

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