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Who is Palash Bauri?

Palash Bauri

I’m Palash Bauri. I’m just a 17-years old teenager school boy Interested in Computer and Technolgy.


I’m an Inventor, Data Scientist, Programmer. , Author and also Ethical Hacker. I like to Build Open Source Softwares and Experiment with new Technologies.


I Want to make the world a better place, not for just me or us , for the people who’ll be living in the world in next few decades

I’ve established a company XED Technologies and Kal Knowledge Foundation (nonprofit) to Complete my mission. I want to use profit from that company to bring food to foodless people, home to homeless people. I hope people will support my mission.

Current Works :

I’m Currently Doing Research on New Technologies including Web Technology, Security etc. which can Provide better Future rather than making it Mess 😉

Beside that , I’m also Working on some Hardware Projects.

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